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    Perhaps you have been in charge of your finances since you started working an after school job in high school, or maybe you are suddenly feeling overwhelmed with allocating the salary from your first job out of college. No matter what your financial situation is, it is important to understand how to handle your money. This course will familiarize you with the basics of budgeting, credit, saving, and investing.


    Research reveals that there is a large discrepancy between the size of the vocabulary of children from low-income and upper-income families. Vocabulary is closely related to a child’s success in school. Educators need to assist children in the early childhood years to develop the language and literacy skills that they need to be successful. The foundation for a child’s future success as a reader and writer is established in early childhood. Literacy and language skills also affect a child’s ability to learn in all areas of the curriculum. How children with disabilities learn depends upon their relationship with their parents and teachers.


    Creating effective online learning courses and simulations can be a challenge. There are tools and techniques, as well as best practices, that can help those designing and creating online learning content for organizations and institutions of higher education. This course offers instruction on the major models, tools, and techniques in creating and delivering online learning. It reviews the fundamentals of general learning theory and how it can be applied, in practice, to online design and instruction. Further, the course provides a brief survey of the technology employed in online learning, best practices for teaching online, strategies for integrating narrative learning into an educational curriculum, and the basics of developing accessible online learning.


    This user-friendly program is for experienced project managers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge on project management and take the project management professional(PMP) certification exam.


    This digital marketing certification course is ideal for professionals who want to acquire invaluable knowledge and practical skills in digital marketing tools and practices. What will you learn from this program? In this course, you'll learn the following: • How Search Engine Optimization works and benefits businesses • Understanding of web analytics and key search terms • How to utilize KPIs, segmentation, and dashboard • How to utilize A/B and multi-variant testing • How to efficiently use marketing automation • How to integrate marketing channels and supply chains • Understanding of paid search (pay-per-click) advertising • Understanding the difference between mobile and desktop ads and landing pages • How to optimize landing pages • Understanding of conversion rates and strategies...


    More and more businesses are turning to technology to handle both internal and external communications. Making the idea of a centralized workforce that meets face-to-face daily less common. Many companies are embracing the idea of remote workers who can provide a diverse range of skills and viewpoints without being bound by location. There is an abundance of advantages to remote work, both for the employer and employee, but without being aware of the challenges that can arise when managing remote workers, managers can find it difficult to successfully supervisor their remote employees. As the working environment changes, it is important for managers and supervisors to stay up to date on the current technologies, skills, and trends available.


    This multimedia-rich course is designed for administration professionals to enhance their skills and acquire command over Microsoft Office 2019. It will allow them to leverage their cutting-edge skills in the job market and increase their worth. This course offers training in useful tools and powerful strategies to help you deal with your job responsibilities more efficiently.


    The goal of this course is to introduce Machine Learning and give you experience using one common ML function, image classification. Becoming familiar with one method gives you an advantage when encountering new procedures, enlarging your pool of marketable skills. You will train and build a classification model, then deploy your code on a website, Raspberry Pi, or your phone. After taking this course you should feel ready to take more advanced AI and Machine Learning courses. Having constructed one actual product, you will be better able to apply new knowledge in practical settings.


    NATE: Ready-to-Work and CORE Exams Included

    El Programa de Técnico Central Certificado de HVAC es un programa integral de educación en línea de HVAC que abarca un conjunto completo de habilidades utilizadas por instaladores y técnicos que buscan la Certificación NATE. Cubre todas las áreas centrales de NATE con una rica selección de cursos básicos, al tiempo que explora métodos para comunicarse de manera efectiva con el cliente y resolver problemas. El contenido presentado cubre los objetivos de aprendizaje identificados por el grupo industrial HVAC NATE como áreas de conocimiento crítico para un técnico. A medida que la industria avanza hacia el futuro, la necesidad de técnicos calificados está creciendo.


    Meditation is a simple, beneficial technique used in peer support to help combat the effects of experiencing traumatic or stress situations. The meditation practice helps to insight peace within that improves both mental and physical wellness. In this course, we will describe the practice of meditation and discuss allowing the mind to wander to identify mental wellness. We will explore the two parts of meditation: the calmness of mind and the sharpness of mind. We will talk through the benefits of practicing meditation and walk through how to meditate. Lastly, we will instruct you on an exercise to control your mind by engaging your five senses.


    This comprehensive course is designed to help you start your career as a cannabis horticulture specialist. As cannabis production becomes commercialized and legalized, the need for skilled horticulture specialists in the cannabis industry is growing as well. You can start your own cannabis nursery or become the most wanted professional with the help of our course. Designed to help you with each and every aspect, our course modules cover the following key aspects: • Understand the basic methods of growth for cannabis plants. • Identify growing equipment and needed for growing cannabis plants indoors or outdoors. • Differentiate between the proper techniques needed for growth. • Identify important parameters such as temperature, lighting and ventilation for maximum growth potential.


    Discover the world of cooking cannabis edibles with the help of this interactive, certified cannabis edibles professional course. The course is designed to help you learn more about cooking with cannabis and making your own edibles. The detailed information in this course aims at helping you become a Certified Cannabis Edibles Professional (CCEP) in the cannabis industry. For this reason, the course focuses on the following core subjects: • The basic uses ofmarijuana for medicinal purposes. • How CBD can be used in different methods. • Differentiate and recognizing different strains of cannabis plants. • Discover how to make cannabis edibles. • Learn more about the therapeutic effects of CBD. • Discover the different flavors and fragrances that go well with different terpenes.