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    This online accounting and bookkeeping course is designed specifically for people who have zero experience in this field, or for those who wish to improve their knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.


    This program takes students through the fundamentals of algebra and statistics as well as their endless applications. Students will learn to solve multiple types of equations including both linear and quadratic functions and master the skills necessary to solve challenging word problems, including actual scenarios one encounters on the job. Further, this program will ensure students gain the skills necessary to perform complex statistical analysis of selected samples, understand how to choose the most applicable samples for study and draw conclusions from the analysis pulled from various data sets.


    If you want to kickstart your career in accounting but have no prior experience or qualifications in the field, then this accounting professional course is the right choice for you. Through this assessment-rich course, you’ll be able to understand the foundations and practical applications of professional accounting and qualify for an entry-level job in accounting.


    The activity director program is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in senior care and the existing employees at senior nursing homes. This multi-media rich course will prepare you to take on the role of the activity director. This program introduces the students to: • Gerontology in a way that allows you to understand how to work with seniors. • An empathetic approach to the lives of older people. • The complex issues of social gerontology and aging by using a life course perspective that views aging as an unfolding and dynamic process. • The conceptual and practical focus that will enable you to understand the aging process • Connections between social definitions of age and the perspectives of seniors.


    This course provides an overview of the human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and pathology, expanding your understanding of the human body as a health care professional, and improving how you can communicate to clients about their bodies and their needs. The course also covers selected major pathologies, including disease definitions and causes, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and possible treatments. The course teaches basic kinesiology principles as they apply to musculoskeletal anatomy and neuromuscular physiology, emphasizing practical applications for hands-on practice, biomechanics applications for activities of daily living, and whole-body patterns in posture and gait.


    The bigger the company, the more they need well-trained Administrative Assistants. Those assistants with Bookkeeping skills and practice with QuickBooks are at the top of that demand. This perfect triad of skills is in demand all over the US providing an even greater pool of opportunities. The median income in 2016 for an administrative assistant was $36,750. The median income for a bookkeeper was $39,750. You would have a distinct hiring advantage with both these skill sets and QuickBooks proficiency too! What’s in this Program? Three parts make up this well-balanced program. 1- Administrative Assistant: the person who keeps the wheels greased and turning so that a professional office functions well.


    This unique, multimedia-rich course is designed for administration professionals who want to enhance their performance and value. It offers useful tips, tools, and powerful strategies to help you deal with your job responsibilities more efficiently.


    This multimedia-rich course is designed for administration professionals to enhance their skills and acquire command over Microsoft Office 2019. It will allow them to leverage their cutting-edge skills in the job market and increase their worth. This course offers training in useful tools and powerful strategies to help you deal with your job responsibilities more efficiently.


    As an office professional, you only have to do one thing: everything! And there never seems to be enough time to do it all, much less learn how. But if you really want to ramp up your job performance – and add value to your employer – you need to take this Administrative Assistant course. This course offers an almost endless supply of savvy advice, great tips, proven tools, and powerful strategies for dealing with both everyday job responsibilities and requirements.


    Designed to help anyone who is looking to become an administrative medical assistant, this interactive course gives one a look into the duties, responsibilities and skillsets that one needs to join a medical office. It is a key stepping-stone, especially for students who are interested in this aspect of a hospital. Skilled administrative medical assistants are in high demand and this course can help to pave the way for your career.


    A comprehensive and detailed certification training course, this is designed to help you become the most skilled front line agent with the right technical and communication skills. The demand for skilled administrative support center analysts is very high and being able to deliver quality customer services is a necessity for businesses in any industry. This course is designed to equip you with the following skillsets that will translate into better services from you: • Improving communication skills as well as learning best practices for handling difficult customers and effectively handling conflict.


    This in-depth, comprehensive course is specially designed to help mechatronic technicians boost their employment options in the automation and mechatronics engineering sector in any industry. Mechatronic technicians need to have excellent problem solving skills as well as detailed knowledge of engineering programs that apply to different engineering systems. With the help of this course, you can build up your skill sets and boost your hireability. Skilled mechatronic technicians are in high demand in almost any industry including construction, manufacturing, and aerospace.